There are currently three ways that you can give to River of God Church.

Give through Mail

Address your checks to River of God Church and designate the amount and purpose (tithes, offering, love gift, missions, etc). Please mail the checks to our church office:


Give through Venmo

NOTE: If you prefer the amount of your giving be private, please make sure that your Default Privacy Settings is set to Private so that your transaction will not be visible to other people. The Default Privacy Settings can be found under Settings.

Send payment to @RiverofGodChurch2020. Designate the purpose, (i.e., tithe, offering, love gift, etc.) along with your payment in the “What’s it for” text box.

NOTE: Please make sure to select Friends and Family when choosing a payment type so that Paypal won’t apply any service charge to your payment and also so that the full amount will be transferred to our River of God Church bank account. Please also make sure that you’re paying through your bank account instead of a credit card so you wouldn’t be charged with credit card service fees.