Encounters that Fuel the Fire

Encounters that Fuel the Fire

Something major is happening worldwide that we believe we all have to catch. We say this with all sincerity, full faith, and wide-eyed expectation, and not to hype or make clichés:

The greatest move of the Holy Spirit is coming like a wave*, and we have seen nothing yet.

Revival has been happening around the world, and it’s now spreading all over the USA. We – this church body called River of God/Life – are invited by the Holy Spirit to partner with Him. Proactive. Intentional. Wholehearted.

While at Catch the Fire’s Revival 25 conference in Toronto, Grace had a powerful dream where a scroll came right in front of her and a voice read what was written on it: “Revival is coming! Revival is coming! Revival is coming! And it will change the face of the earth.” She suddenly woke up, and her eyes were moving, as if reading, what the voice was saying. A few nights later, Grace had a beautiful hour-long encounter with God, that she said was an appetizer for more.

Then last week, Karyn (our 6yo) dreamt that she was surrounded by angels, put on a horse and given sword and armor. Then she saw a fire* coming into the earth, Jesus stepping off a cloud*, then walking on the water*. She felt the presence of God in the dream, and she said she still felt His presence long after she woke up! When Grace asked her at breakfast how she knew it was the presence of God, Karyn said, “it’s the same presence I felt in Toronto.”

A few nights later out of the blue, Karyn told us to please tell the church, and in her own words, “When the presence of God comes, the glory cloud* will come down. And the sooner we are ready, the sooner it will come.

We are certain you have been sensing the same electricity in the air, of God doing unheard-of breakthroughs all over the Kingdom. This is God’s invitation to all of us, an appetizer, to long for more of Jesus and His Kingdom to rule over this nation. So how do we prepare for this?

  1. Fuel the fire with continuing encounters and surrender. Worship burns, and burns up everything on the altar. The fire* of God always falls on the altar, but it is the priests who keep the fire burning. Surrender, worship, press in, seek after Him. You know what this looks like. The Word of God is living and active.
  2. Hunger for more of God. Expectant prayers, fasting, and full-on worship lifestyle lead to even greater hunger for Him and His present Word; and God always, always, satisfies the thirsty and hungry. The time for non-commitment and complacency is over.
  3. Love. True, radical, self-sacrificial, joyful, compassionate LOVE. That love that looks like it is Jesus who lives in you. The 1 Corinthians 13 version. Christians are not called to be kind, nice, or loving with our own strength or might. We are called to love like Jesus. If you don’t know who to love, start with the one who is hurting, or the one who has hurt you. You will change that person’s world. And then revival will be seen through you.

* In the Word of God, the Holy Spirit is often mentioned as fire, cloud/wind, water (river, rain, wave), voice, presence, and oil. This revival will only be made possible and sustained with everything the Holy Spirit is.

Being Aware of How Near God Is

Being Aware of How Near God Is

It’s not a cliché to say that God loves to spend time with you! Give him your attention and you’ll realize He has plenty of beautiful things to say about you! He thinks you are awesome and wonderfully made. After all, God made you, and He does everything perfectly!

God loves to be with you and speak to you, and it’s easier than you think to hear what God is saying. He constantly invites us to draw closer to the One who is closest to us. The more we draw near, the more we see there is nothing to fear. His perfect love for you casts out all fears!

But sometimes, or perhaps many times, we don’t know that God is near. In Genesis 28, we find a man named Jacob who was running away after deceiving his family members. He was a cast out, feeling both guilt and shame over what he had done. And yet, God didn’t reject Jacob. Instead, God showed him just how much He loved this man, and this encounter changed him.

Jacob went from being unaware of God, to being so fully aware of God in his midst that it changed his perspective and made him believe. In one moment, Jacob changed from feeling weak and alone to finding the God who loves and sees him.

This week, we invite you to spend time focusing more on God’s presence. Find a comfortable place to dial down, and think about God and who He is: kind, gentle, joyful, peaceful, and loving of you.

Then ask Him to remind you who He says you are. Ask – “Jesus, what do you want to say to me right now?

What do you love about me?

Who do you say I am?

What part of your character do you want to remind me of today?”

Quiet your mind and listen. Write down what he says and shows you, and be pleasantly surprised!