Behind the Scenes

On January 1st of this year, we shared to you our hopes and faith for breakthrough. We personally saw how God has worked to make breakthrough and victories happen in your personal life as well as in our church.

But sometimes, we don’t think God is working because it seems nothing has happened and we’ve been praying and waiting so long. But that’s not true. God is always working. Like a farmer who sows seeds and yet doesn’t see the roots grow and waits until harvest for the fruit, God also works to prepare in advance what one day will be your blessing.

Sometimes, we wish God would give it all to us, whatever we are praying for: healing, a job, reconciliation, promotion, salvation…  Rest assured that God is working, often works behind-the-scenes, preparing you internally to be ready to receive. When we trust that God is good, then we can also trust He works for our good. Even when we don’t understand and we have to wait, trust that He is working in you and for you. Everything will be beautiful in His time.

What have you seen God do?

As the year ends, let’s celebrate all that God has done and continues to do! We don’t ever want to forget God’s faithfulness, and we want to shout it out to the mountaintops!

And don’t forget that God isn’t done working. The year isn’t over yet, and the year of the Lord’s favor stretches through generations! So, get your hopes up. There is much to be grateful for and even more to anticipate as He works behind the scenes to fulfill His promises to you.