Ride the Wave

By now, you know your pastors well enough to understand that we do our best to listen well to what the Lord is saying, and then we do our best, in faith, to act on what He says. When God tells us something, we don’t want to be neglectful, mocking or unbelieving His words. When we seek and behold His face, we can align with His heart and purposes, and then we can obey and partner with Him wholeheartedly.

Well, as we watch what God is doing around the world, we’ve come to realize that our yearly declarations (of Breakthrough, of Activation, of Acceleration) are not confined just to our ‘lil church body. The vision that we have been declaring, believing and walking in River of God is actually being revealed all across the Kingdom of God! In short – we are flowing in the Holy Spirit’s bigger wave!

Hallelujah!!!! It is so wonderful to be walking in the truth and to partner with God for what He is doing! So, we want to share here a partial prophecy released to the entire Body of Christ through Catch the Fire at Toronto, and we want this church family to be truly empowered and prepared because God is going to make such an acceleration and increase that will be like nothing we’ve ever seen, and we definitely want to partner with God to see this fulfilled! Here goes –

“…Heaven will be released on earth to the remnant in an unusual and astounding manner. The miraculous will seem ordinary, yet we will fall on our faces at the manifestation of it, for it will be His manifest presence and glory. Holiness will break out and great joyful repentance will begin to roll down like a glorious river.

New resources and supply are going to be multiplied like the woman Elisha told to get the bottles to fill. He will fill all the bottles we bring Him, so it’s time for big faith. Find every bottle we can and then more, because the only limitation will be the number of bottles we bring Him. From the heart, not the mind. To the abandoned givers in every realm, miraculous amazing supply is going to be released.

It is the day of the childlike spirit, full of wonder and awe, expectation and simplicity, from the heart of simple abandoned love and trust – childlike love and trust.

There will be a breaking out of His supernatural love among the true body like never before. We will be like family, closer than natural family, and even that will be supernatural. God has been dealing with the orphan spirit because it separates us, causes us to move out of competition and striving to prove our worth and significance. It is time to truly come home, come home to Him fully and to His assigned place for us; the love and covenant commitment will be greater than even our natural homes.

A whole new movement that will ultimately usher in the second coming is going to be released. It is going to be like a snowball that starts rolling, gains both size and momentum. I hear, “Don’t try to contain or organize it because it has a momentum all its own that is truly fueled by Heaven’s mandate.” It has everything to do with the launching of the true New Testament church dynamic that will advance beyond anything we have through or imagined.

Presence, God’s manifest presence in and among us. Dunamis power will flow out of God’s presence among us… we will have legal right to legislate Heaven on earth because we are people of the presence, His presence. In the presence will be the outbreak of His glory.”

Preparing for the Glory. 2018. John and Carol Arnott