The Abundant Life

Jesus said he came that we may have life and have it more abundantly (John 10:10). But he wasn’t talking about our eternal life in heaven. Of course, someday in heaven we will have the full measure of that abundance, but in this verse, Jesus wasn’t referring to a heavenly life. He was referring to life here on earth, because it’s here where we need that kind of life the most!

In this verse, Jesus is saying – I’m here now, and I came down here to earth to where you are so that right here with me, you can have this abundant life.

And then Jesus demonstrated to us what that life looks like. He didn’t just win a battle against death. He conquered death and purchased for us a fully abundant life. What does that life look like?

  1. It’s a life that is not about you. It’s a life centered on Him, provided by him through his Holy Spirit in us. He purchased and died for this life. You have been crucified with Christ and you no longer live, but He lives inside you!
  2. It’s a life filled with His grace, His truth, His provisions, His protection and His power, gifts and fruit of the Holy Spirit.
  3. It’s a life that wasn’t meant to make you comfortable. Rather, it’s a life that is powerful and full of impact because His presence flows into you, upon you and then through you onto others.
  4. It’s a life filled with big dreams, visions, possibilities and exploits for His glory. You are meant to make a difference for Christ!

Says Pastor Kris Vallotton, “How can we have the nerve to think small or to live with limited, powerless, finite thinking when the Creator of the Universe lives in us, the mind of Christ thinks through us and the Spirit of God influences the world around us? We believers don’t have permission to live with limited mindsets!

WOW. Have you ever seen or been around someone who lived out of the abundance of God’s abiding presence? Jesus demonstrated it. The apostles, Paul and the first century church caught in on it. People who brought revivals throughout history caught in on it… What would your life look like if you actually lived in that abundant life of Jesus? What do you think will happen to your family, your environment and community?

As the saying goes, the sky is the limit! With Christ living in us, it certainly is! Today, I will live in freedom, blessings and abundant life!

This week, pray for areas in your life where you need Jesus to show up and create abundance, and ask Him to. And then be on the lookout – He will answer you beyond what you can think of or imagine.