Because God is Good

Because God is good all the time, He is good to everyone. He is better than we think He is! So, we are required to respond this way:

  • How we look at the future needs to change. We don’t want to let our past failures, disappointments, unknowns, and answers-in-waiting to define anymore how our future relationship with God looks like. He has been so gracious to reveal us who He is, and what He is capable and willing to do in this present age. He invites us to trust Him more, to have this unrealistic hope and indescribable joy to believe Him more than what our previous experiences dictated to us. The old is gone. The new has come.
  • Because He is who He says He is, we can trust Him. He has never failed us. Even when our eyes couldn’t see that He was actually moving, the truth is, He was still on the move. He changes the inside of us  first, in ways we cannot actually see evidence of yet. The truth is — He is constantly supplying our needs. He is always at work for our good. So, like we keep reminding you when we are faced with difficult-to-treat illnesses, God is working in the DNA level and healing our cells. Jesus has already provided that healing at the cross! So even when we can’t see evidence on the organ and skin-level, we can trust Him. He said He heals and brings to life, so we need to wait for that to “appear” where we can see it. Meantime. We trust and wait expectantly, knowing He is good.
  • Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.
    • In the future — He is there ahead of us, and He has seen the victory. Our future is secure.
    • In the past — He already completely provided for everything at the cross. We can trust in the finished work of Jesus.
    • In the present — He lays out the path even before I walk on it. Our path is straight and leveled. Immanuel is with us.
    • God does not get weary or tired. You can always lean on, yield to, and let Him. He is faithful and He is strong.

So God is telling us, and you can echo and declare this to yourself and your situations:

“How can I fear? Why would I be afraid?” He works inside me, outside around me, ahead of me, and is with me. And He has wonderful plans for me, AND MY FAMILY and family line and community! He removes the fear and gives me faith!”

We pray and bless God’s revelation for you, that this will renew your minds and transform you to live like Jesus.