Dealing with Interruptions, Jesus’ Way

Interruptions are never convenient. Usually, you’re on your way somewhere else, and you get interrupted. So you either ignore it and continue onto to your carefully chosen destination; or you approach it in frustration for breaking your momentum and schedule.

But see, Jesus was constantly being interrupted. He would be preaching, the roof caves in and a paralyzed man is lowered down. He would go away somewhere to pray, and crowds would be waiting for him there! Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem for Passover when the blind beggar Bartimaeus kept shouting for him until Jesus paid attention. And then soon after, Zaccheus the tax collector interrupted Jesus as he passed through toward the city.

The problem with interruptions is that you will never know they are actually divine strategies — brought by God your way, unless you’re connected to the Holy Spirit and constantly obedient to His leading. Jesus was constantly plugged in, so he allowed the Spirit to lead him whenever wherever, and his life flowed according to God’s secret ways.

As a follower of Jesus, the Holy Spirit is living in you and God desires to put you in places where He can make full use of you and the Spirit within you. But God rarely gives you the full roadmap, and you will have to rely on Him as he turns you this way and detours you that way. If you don’t allow God to interrupt you, life will be cozy, neat and all about you, which is fine and dandy. But think of all the new places and people that Jesus can bring your way – that you would have otherwise missed – if you would not be available for Him.

Reflect on This:
Like Bartimaeus, the world is dying and crying out for someone to bring them to Jesus. How would your life encounters be like if you absolutely and daily surrender to the Holy Spirit?

Take this to Heart:
No longer do I call you slaves, for the slave does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you friends, for all things that I have heard from My Father I have made known to you.” – John 15:15