How to Survive a Storm…and Live to Tell About It

Hurricanes—and all of life’s storms—are scary. And panic, fear and anxiety are common reactions to any storm that come our way. As I watched the storm rage in the coastlines of Florida, I remember the experience of Jesus disciples’ that fateful night they themselves were caught in a storm. This event recorded in Matthew 14:22-33 teaches us plenty about how to survive a storm and live to tell about it.

The disciples (all) got into the boat. Whatever storms you are going through personally, like the disciples, we are all in this together. WE ARE IN THE SAME BOAT. Having others share your pain can help you get through it.

Jesus went out to them… Jesus could have waited out the storm and meet them on the other side the next morning. But He didn’t. Instead, Jesus walked out to them. So here’s another lesson for us… JESUS IS WITH US IN THE STORM. He does not just watch from the shore. He bears the storm with us. And if He chooses to do so—as we know from another story in Mark 4:35-41—Jesus can calm the storm.

“Take courage! It is I! Don’t be afraid!” This is Jesus’ calling to us. He knows what we’re going through, and He knows what we need. Are you afraid? TAKE COURAGE. Are you anxious about the future? Take courage. Are you short on provision? Take courage. Jesus is there with you.

“Come!” … and Peter walked on the water and came toward Jesus. In the middle of the storm, Jesus invites us to come to Him, and He asks us to WALK IN FAITH. When nothing is certain, walk in faith. When the storm seems too harsh to bear, walk in faith. When your life has been turned upside-down, walk in faith… and when you do, you will see the impossible coming true.

Reflect on this:
Whatever storms you are going through, Jesus is there with you, and He is powerful, willing and able to calm any storm for you. Just ask. Just come to Him.

Take this to heart:
Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28