Worship Energizes us to Witness

Jesus’ compassion for people was driven by his love for the Father. He understood and knew His Father’s heart for humanity so deeply that he was filled with compassion for them. Jesus said that even if 99 of his sheep are already in the fold, and there is only one sheep left astray, he would still have gone out to find that one sheep. He knew His Father loved that one last remaining soul so deeply. Out of His love for the Father, out of loving submission, Jesus would still lay his life down for that one sheep (see Luke 15; John 10:11).

For God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only Son” – this powerful verse was actually spoken by the Son himself. Jesus was actually saying, “I love my Father so much that I willingly give myself and lay down my life on the cross for the people that my Father loves.” Jesus’ compassion for us was driven by His love for God.

So it is the same with us. Our hearts break for the lost because the Father’s heart breaks for the lost. When we see an area in society where God is not glorified, doesn’t it grieve you? When you see a family or friend turn their backs to Jesus, doesn’t it move you? We cannot remain passive about witnessing the more we encounter God in worship.

Of course the opposite is true. Our love for the lost grows cold when our love for the Father grew colder. But there is always hope. Go back and love the Lord once again. Pray that your love and worship for our Lord God will increase. Others will be drawn to God through you, and you will find the joy to share his love and salvation to others.

May our passion for worshiping the Lord ignite a passion for reaching the lost!