From Slavery to Sonship

God never created us to be slaves and orphans without a home. He created us to be a beloved son or daughter who has found a home in His Kingdom.

Sadly, many of us know that we are His children through salvation, but we have never fully lived like true sons and daughters. May the truth you find in this devotional renew your mind and cause you to start walking in your identity as a God’s beloved child, a prince/princess in His Kingdom.

  1. He is well-pleased with you.
    • No matter what anybody else says or how you feel, when you received Jesus as Lord and Savior, you have become the child that our Father loves and on whom His favor rests.
      • Because God’s own Son Jesus already paid for everything, and His Holy Spirit lives in you, there is nothing in us that is displeasing to the Father! When He looks at you, He smiles and says – you are the apple of His eyes.
    • You don’t need to appease God or seek His approval. When you get up in the morning, our Father says lovingly “Don’t worry that you don’t have everything together, that’s OK. I don’t expect you to get it perfect. I love you so much and you are the son/daughter in whom I am well-pleased!”
  2. You have full access to His home now and the abundance that is there.
    • As His child, you won’t need to wonder or worry if there’s food on the table. You are designed to fully trust and be dependent on God. He’s got this! You simply ask, because there is no lack in His Kingdom.
    • Because of who our Father is and what He has, we don’t need to fear, worry, envy, covet or be jealous. We simply focus and turn our attention to – seeking — the Kingdom, our home where God is! When you have found it, you’ll see that everything you need has been added there already.
    • You have access to it and the Father is pleased to give you His Kingdom!

Because of who you are in Christ, you will no longer say, “I am not enough. I do not have enough.”

You are free to love yourself like crazy, because God loves you like crazy!


  1. I have been adopted as royalty into God’s family!
  2. I no longer live under shame or condemnation!
  3. I am God’s beloved child, and today I will live in freedom, blessings, and abundance.