The (Imperfect) Family of God

It says a lot about Jesus that he chose and handpicked a specific set of disciples, twelve ordinary men that bickered, doubted, betrayed him, argued among themselves, spoke without thinking, and thought they were the greatest(!)… And to think that Jesus knew beforehand what He was getting Himself into. And it says plenty about God that for all these millennia, He would choose to accomplish the great work of spreading His Kingdom on earth through this ekklesia, His church—imperfect humans all of us!

Which means—

  1. God chooses to work with our imperfections and human limitations to accomplish the supernatural. God is gracious indeed! He is very patient and loving, forgiving us every time we fumble, stumble, sin and make messes. God knew what He was getting Himself into when He chose you before the foundation of the world.
  2. The supernatural doesn’t only mean signs, miracles and wonders. The supernatural work of God in us ALSO includes growing in maturity, loving others and forgiving them, seeking His Kingdom and sacrificing our lives for His glory. Without Him, we are nothing.
  3. It would be foolish to think we can be successful on our own… If God doesn’t show up, all our efforts are for nothing. God’s eternal purposes will never be accomplished using human means and strategies, lest any man boast. But then, God never meant for us to accomplish anything on our own strength, power or resources.
  4. He also chose to send the Holy Spirit – his Presence and Power, to accomplish through us what only He can do. We have everything we need! And together as His Family, we are meant to display His power and glory through His Spirit.
  5. We are meant to extend to others the same grace we receive, encouraging everyone to be filled and empowered by the Holy Spirit! We are meant to work together as His Church and show the world what it looks like to live AND work supernaturally, and to be perfected in Christ.

Because as we show the world what it means to be Gods’ Family, they will be drawn to the same God, who loves them through their imperfections, and can give them the same Holy Spirit that perfects them and accomplishes the supernatural through them!


  1. I am adopted into God’s family, so I intentionally create healthy family and community wherever I go!
  2. Because of God’s unconditional, passionate love for me, I unconditionally and passionately love myself and others.
  3. I release the power and love of God everywhere I go!
  4. I speak (and post) life wherever I am (even in social media). I am only going to share and bless others even in social media.