The Divine Exchange (Part 1)


Hundreds of years before Jesus’ death on the cross, the prophet Isaiah predicted in detail how and why Jesus will suffer:

He was pierced [polluted, defiled] for our transgressions [rebellion],

He was crushed [broken to pieces] for our iniquities [guilt].

The chastening [discipline] for our well-being [SHALOM] fell upon him

And by his scourging [stripes] we are healed [RAPHA].  – Isaiah 53:5


That repeated word – FOR US – means an exchange happened, and Jesus did something for us, in our behalf. Everything Jesus went through – being pierced, beaten, flogged, crushed, chastened, scourged, mocked, and defiled – He went through in exchange of and to purchase something life-changing for you and me.  

His sufferings purchased for us SHALOM, which means more than just peace, but all these: completeness, soundness, welfare, health, prosperity, contentment, tranquility and friendship.  

His scourging purchased for us RAPHA, a powerful Hebrew word that means all these:  to make whole, complete healing, become fresh, heal hurts, restore favor and forgiveness. Rapha means literal physical healing from disease, individual distresses, long exiles, and also healing the hurts of a nation.  

Jesus did not just suffer and die to purchase for us salvation, but also SHALOM and RAPHA. Anyone who receives Jesus as Lord and Savior also receives all these powerful gifts for a fully abundant life and godliness.  These gifts are for us to take now, while we are alive, because this is the side of eternity that doesn’t have shalom and rapha.  

Whatever your suffering, pain, distress, disease, brokenness, Jesus completely paid for all that and has already given life, health and strength for you. All we need to do is trust in Him, and take what He gladly offers.

Reflect on This

Jesus already died, resurrected and completely paid for the ransom for you and me. Will you, have you, completely trusted in Him for your salvation, shalom and rapha?

Take This To Heart

This was to fulfill what was spoken through Isaiah the prophet:

He himself too our infirmities and carried our diseases.  – Matthew 8:17

Jesus heals the broken in heart and binds up their wounds.  — Psalm 147:3